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Medical Grade Skincare

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Deeply Cleansing Acne Wash
Anti-bacterial, exfoliating cleanser for oily and acne prone skins.
Contains 2% salicylic acid combined with glycolic acid for oily and acne prone skin.
Anti-Redness Foamy Cleanser
100% Soap-free cleaner that removes dirt and oil while simultaneously helping calm the redness. This cleanser is extra gentle and soothing.
My Daily Facial Cleanser
This anti-oxidant cleanser can be used along with hydroxyacids and retinoids in skin renewal regimens. May be used by patients with sensitive skin or used after treatments that leave skin dry and irritated.
SuperMoisturizing Creaming Cleanser
100% soap-free cleanser that removes surface dirt and oil while simultaneously replenishing the skin's natural moisture barrier. Helps moisturize dry skin with lactic acid, petrolatum and Sodium PCA, and is ideal for patients using products or procedures that can dry the skin.


Fade Away Lightening Pads
Sulfate free and lightens pigmentation. Ideal for the treatment of face and/or body. Aids in the firming of skin.
Fade Away Touch Stick
Sulfate free and lightens pigmentation. Product is ideal for small areas of pigmentation.
Professional Strength Peel Pads
Pad that mildly exfoliates skin, helps to aid acne and anti-aging. Paraben-free.
No More Blemish Pads
Used as an effective adjunct to oily skin therapy, to improve the appearance of large pores and smooth skin texture.
Intense Heel & Elbow Cream
Helps soften dry, thickened skin on the heels, elbows and knees.
Disappear Touch Stick
Helps to eliminate active lesions.
The first comprehensive treatment for the delicate neck area containing an advanced form of Vitamin A (retinol) that is less irritating. These benefits are amplified with broad-spectrum anti-oxidants, a gentle hydroxyacid and skin smoothing peptides. In addition to reducing the visibility of fine lines, Nexstep helps reduce the appearance of neck area redness.

Anti-Aging Regimen:

Age Defense Retinol 50
Available without a prescription, retinol is a form of Vitamin A, a time-tested ingredient which improves the appearance of fine lines (in around 4 weeks), wrinkles (in around 12 weeks), skin texture and smoothness.
Age Defense Retinol 100
Strongest retinol available without a prescription.
Miracle Antioxidant Antiaging Cream
Product contains the only form of Vitamin C clinically demonstrated to improve skin appearance. The anti-oxidant cocktail of Vitamin C & E and Green Tea paired with penetration-enhancing hydroxyacids makes them among the most potent products available. This product increases the efficacy of retinoids.
This advanced formula improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated for one step use of Retinoids and Vitamins C & E.
Saturday Night Brightener
Contains Phytic, Lactic and Azaleic acids. Ideal as a brightening and exfoliating adjunct to treatment regimens. The easy-to-apply pad facilitates uniform application to broad skin surfaces.


Under Everything Super Moisturizing Serum
A unique acid based, oil-free gel designed to enhance skin moisture and improve the appearance of photoaging.
Intensive Recovery Complex
Intensive moisturizer blended with B3 vitamins.
Ultimate Daily Moisturizer
Combination of ceramides, fatty acid and cholesterol in a gentle lecithin-based emulsion designed to help fortify the skin's natural moisture lipids.
Ultralight Oil Free Moisturizer
100% oil-free moisturizer for combination or blemish-prone.


Broad Spectrum 30 SPF sunscreen that works effectively under make-up for daily use. This sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide ultimate sun protection. The silky matte-finish ensures that make-up will glide on smoothly, without a caked-on appearance or feel.

Solar Defense Oil Free SPF 30 (tinted) combination to oily
Solar Defense Clear Oil Free SPF 30 combination to oily
Solar Defense Everyday SPF 30 (tinted)dry to combination

Eye Care:

Total Renewal Eye Moisturizer
Contains the only form of Vitamin C clinically demonstrated to improve skin appearance.
Amazing Dark Circle Treatment
Dynamic approach to reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eye area using a combination of powerful skin brighteners.
Refresh Under Eye Depuffer
A peptide-based under eye puffiness reducer. Two peptides improve lymphatic circulation and improve firmness and elasticity. Lightweight hyaluronic acid-based gel contains green tea, willow herb and other ingredients to reduce swelling and redness. Fragrance free.